CAR T cell therapy for the treatment of cancer is one of the breakthrough innovations of modern medicine.

CancerImmunotherapy Infographic

Cancer immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses the body’s immune system to fight the disease. Currently approved chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies have demonstrated dramatic efficacy in some cancers. However, these patient-derived, autologous CAR T products introduce several important limitations to patient care including patient access, cost, and safety concerns.

What do frozen samurai warriors and magic goggles have to do with treating cancer?

Chief Scientific Officer Derek Jantz explains how ARCUS is used to make allogeneic, donor-derived CAR T cell therapies with the potential to change the way the world battles cancer.

Using ARCUS genome editing, we are advancing a novel pipeline of allogeneic or “off-the-shelf” CAR T cell therapies designed to overcome these known challenges while offering several potential advantages for treating hematologic cancers and solid tumors:

  • Healthy donors and healthy T cells
  • A single-step editing process
  • Optimized T cell characteristics
  • Immediate availability

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