OUR APPROACH | Cancer Immunotherapy

Cell therapy for the treatment of cancer is one of the breakthrough innovations of modern medicine.

Currently approved chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies have demonstrated dramatic efficacy in some cancers; however, these patient-derived (autologous) CAR T products have several important limitations including patient access, cost, and safety concerns. Many experts in the field believe “off-the-shelf,” or allogeneic, CAR T to be the future of cell therapy. Using ARCUS, we have developed a novel allogeneic CAR T platform we hope will enable us to bring the potential benefits of CAR T to more patients. We believe it has important advantages over other CAR T approaches:

  • Healthy donors and healthy T cells
  • A single-step editing process
  • Milder pre-conditioning regimens
  • Optimized T cell characteristics

We have developed a robust clinical pipeline of CAR T cell therapy candidates with a focus on diseases that have a clearly established genetic cause. Learn more about our trials here.