DURHAM, North Carolina, USA, June 20 2018 – Precision BioSciences CSO Derek Jantz will present and join a panel discussion during the DIA (Drug Information Association) 2018 conference session #285, Gene Therapy: Advances in Translating Technology. Dr. Jantz will share Precision’s approach to advancing genome editing into the clinic and his perspectives from over 20 years of designing and developing gene editing tools for therapeutic applications. The panel will be chaired by Peter Marks, Director of CBER at FDA, and will also include Terence Flotte, Dean of the School of Medicine at University of Massachusetts; David Davidson, CMO at bluebird bio; and Michael Havert, CMC reviewer at the FDA. This session will address the existing regulatory framework as well as recent advances in the field of gene therapy.

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Precision BioSciences is dedicated to improving life.  Our mission is to cure genetic disease, overcome cancer, and feed the planet. We are striving to achieve this goal with ARCUS, our therapeutic-grade, naturally-derived genome editing system that combines both specificity and efficacy to help overcome life’s greatest genetic challenges. For additional information, please visit www.precisionbiosciences.com

About DIA
DIA (founded as the Drug Information Association) is a global association that mobilizes life science professionals from across all areas of expertise to engage with patients, peers and thought leaders in a neutral environment on the issues of today and the possibilities for tomorrow. As a member-driven, volunteer organization, professionals from 80 countries have affected healthcare outcomes, by engaging with DIA through an unparalleled network, educational offerings, and professional development opportunities.

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