Yisel Rivera, PhD

Scientist, Cell Therapy Development

Yisel is a part of the Cell Therapy Research team at Precision Biosciences, focused on developing CAR T for the treatment of hematological diseases and solid tumors. She comes to Precision from Houston, Texas after finishing her post-doctoral training in Dr. Fueyo’s lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Yisel has experience working in an interdisciplinary environment which includes molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, virology (viro-immunotherapy), cell culture, and animal models. Most recently, she completed a 4-year training post-doc working with oncolytic viruses for treating brain and solid tumors; it was this work that allowed her to specialize in cancer biology and helped her become a Precisioneer. Yisel has a BS degree in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus and MS degree in Applied Biomolecular Technology from the University of Nottingham, which included research done across the pond in England. She received her PhD in Biomedical Sciences in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico at Ponce Health Sciences University (former Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences). When Yisel is not producing and expanding CAR T cells in the lab, she can be found hiking, shopping, reading books about metaphysic, and enjoying one of the paradisiac beaches in her hometown of Puerto Rico.