Tengfang Huang, PhD

Director, Translational Agriculture - Elo

Tengfang is a member of Precision’s food and agriculture subsidiary, Elo Life Systems, where he is responsible for connecting the ARCUS technology with innovative traits in agriculture to improve human life. Tengfang earned his PhD in Plant Biology from Cornell University after graduating with a BS in Biological Sciences from Fudan University at Shanghai, China. His post-doctoral training at Boyce Thompson Institute focused on the genetics and molecular regulation of plant metabolism associated with plant nutritional values and stress tolerance. Prior to joining Elo, Tengfang served as a research scientist and project leader at KeyGene USA. From New York to Maryland, and now North Carolina, he is becoming more comfortable with the southern weather, but will likely stop in Durham before venturing further south and getting too sweaty. Outside of Elo, Tengfang enjoys playing games with his two daughters.