Jack Wilkinson, PhD

Sr. Scientist, Technology Development - Elo

Jack is a member of Precision’s food and agriculture subsidiary, Elo Life Systems. Jack should have been named “Jonah,” as his career path could best be described as “small fish being swallowed by hungry whales.” He has worked as a Scientist or Group Leader at Calgene (acquired by Monsanto), Maxygen/Verdia (acquired by Pioneer Hi-Bred), Agarigen (acquired by Intrexon), and now Elo (still floating along blissfully in the ocean). Dr. Wilkinson received his B.S. in Biological Sciences from UC Davis and his PhD in Biology from UC San Diego, and has used his extensive knowledge in plant molecular biology to engineer interesting and valuable commercial products. He has recently mastered the Jedi skills for creating kick-ass ARCUS meganucleases. When he is not glued to his lab bench, Jack enjoys fishing, woodworking, gardening, and hypnotically feeding treats to his clever golden retriever.