Abigail Turner

Research Assistant, In Vivo Models

Abigail is part of the Central Resources team, focused on developing in vivo study models to support research across Precision. Abigail graduated from NC State University in 2018 where she earned a BS in Animal Science and a BS in Poultry Science. During her undergraduate career, Abigail gained experience working with a wide variety of animals, assisted on multiple research projects, and conducted her own independent research project in the Population Health and Pathobiology labs at NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. In the Summer of 2018, she had the opportunity to present her research at the American Veterinary Medical Association conference. Abigail previously worked as a research assistant at Powered Research, where she contributed to developing in vivo ophthalmic models for life science research. When Abigail is not at Precision, you can find her spending time with her dog and cat, hiking in the NC mountains, or relaxing on her couch.