Vinh-Phuc Nguyen, PhD

Scientist, BioAnalytics

Vinh-Phuc Nguyen is part of the Cell Therapy team at Precision. His work focuses on developing PCR assays to analyze allogeneic CAR-T cells infused in patients and characterize them for improvement. He is also involved in developing cell cycle assays to better monitor CAR-T cell proliferation during manufacturing processes. He previously worked at Aeras and Intrexon, where he served as an Immunologist and Scientist, respectively. He has experience in CAR-T field, specializing in engineering artificial antigen-presenting cells to support ex-vivo CAR-T cell expansion. Vinh-Phuc also worked as a Scientist at BioReliance, where he helped validate a PCR-based Mycoplasma detection assay and optimized multiplex assays to detect viruses in samples. He obtained his PhD training in Molecular Virology at Baylor College of Medicine, and completed his post-doctoral training in cytokine signaling and immunology at University of California, Irvine (UCI) and National Cancer Institute (NCI), Bethesda, MD, respectively. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, and running either for pure pleasure or to prepare for races.