Benjamin Straight

Production Research Assistant

Ben Straight joined Precision in 2009, part time, and brought with him an eclectic mix of experience: Insect Pathologist (USDA), Fisheries Biologist (MD DNR), Director of QC (Frederick Brewing Co.), Stay at Home Dad (Straight Homestead). He transitioned to full time at Precision in 2014 and works in the Core Technology Research and Development team. Ben graduated (a long time ago) from The University of Maryland with a degree in Microbiology. He lives in Chapel Hill with his wife, daughter, and Aspen, a 35-pound dog who, despite her small size, is able to occupy the vast majority of a queen size bed. A proponent of the sedentary arts, Ben can be found most evenings asleep on the couch holding a bottle of beer, but doesn’t spill a drop – not one, ever. It is unquestionably a much-coveted super power.