Our ability to supply the planet with an adequate food supply is fundamental to continuation and development of the human race.

Powerful drivers are changing our ability to meet this need – a rapidly rising global population, economic prosperity and a dramatically increasing demand for health and quality in what we consume, create significant demands on our food supply. Combined with climate change and a radically transforming and shrinking arable landmass, this is one of the key unanswered challenges that we must face and address. At a minimum, we’ll need to grow more food in the next fifty years than has been produced so far in human history. The status quo will not achieve fifty percent of this target.

The primary engines for addressing this need – traditional breeding and GMOs – have and will continue to deliver innovations to the agricultural landscape. However, these approaches have been largely exhausted and no longer meet societal demands for quality or yield.

Recognizing our current inability to respond to this pressing need, Precision BioSciences is focusing its ARCUS genome editing technology towards the development of food, fuel, and feed-based products that answer this challenge. By precisely targeting improvements to the genes related to crop quality, yield, and performance traits, we believe that we can advance food products and recover or “re-wild” needed genes lost through breeding in our existing food stock. And by generating these products in a safe, non-GMO, and non-breeding manner, these crops will greatly expand choices for sustainable produce and help to feed a quickly growing and changing world.