Jed Chatterton, Ph.D.

Director, Ocular Therapeutic Biology

Jed leads the adRP program at Precision, guiding the preclinical evaluation of ARCUS nucleases that target the P23H mutation in rhodopsin. He has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and has worked for companies like Alcon/Novartis and Allergan, world leaders in drug development for ophthalmic disease. In addition, Jed started RNAeye Therapeutics, a small biotech company in San Diego, California with a focus on siRNA delivery to ocular tissues. Jed earned his PhD in Biochemistry from UCLA and completed a postdoc at MIT. After living in California, Massachusetts, and Texas, Jed is happy to be in North Carolina, where he finally has a house with a room just for his guitars and amplifiers. When not at Precision, Jed can be found making music in his guitar room, skiing with his kids, or thinking up terrible puns about eyes.